At Bamboo Dale, nature is at its pristine best. You can enjoy your stay to the fullest, thanks to the privacy and comfort offered by us. You can choose any (or all) of activities like trekking, bird watching, fishing and river rafting, bee keeping, bird feeding and many more. You could visit the misty valleys to enjoy the beauty of cloud kissing hills, relish a relaxed stroll in the vast tea gardens and visit the tea factory to see how tea is made Alternatively, you could get lost in the beauty of the mesmerizing waterfalls that cascade with breathtaking majesty. Proceed to Rajamalai to see the exotic Nilgiri Thar. The entire mountain range is famous for the blue Neela Kurinji flowers that bloom only once in twelve years.

  • Bird watching / Squirrel / Rabbit feeding

    We have an exclusive farm tending to not only vegetables but also livestock. You can spend your time watching the bunnies or feeding them. It also offers an ideal bird watching spot. You can even feed the birds and squirrels and discover the pleasure of caring for animals.

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  • Stream Bath

    At Bamboo Dale, it is all about knowing nature up close and personal. Here you can venture out on a bath in the natural stream that runs close by. A swim and bath in the cool and refreshing waters of the stream is rejuvenating and exciting to the core. You can swim along with the fishes or just float in the water, soaking in the beauty of the surroundings and the freshness of the water. Of course, our guides and trainers will be standing by, just in case you need a helping hand.

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  • Trekking - Chokramudi Hills

    A vacation in Munnar is incomplete without a trekking trip. The beautiful mountainside of this natural retreat offers numerous trekking opportunities. Put on your trekking gear and head to discover the hidden gems of this magnificent land. Our guides and experts will accompany you and ensure that you have a memorable trek among the lush green hills and shola forests. You can choose to go on soft treks, half-day treks, full day treks and the adventurous can even go on trekking up to Kodaikanal, often passing through picturesque settings.

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  • Farming Experience

    Are you one of those city folks who wished to try your hand at farming, but never got a chance? Well, you can fulfil your dream at our vegetable garden. We grow various kinds of fruits and vegetables, most of which finds its way through our kitchen into your food plates. It will be enthralling to pick some of the crops from the vegetable garden. You can try your hand at planting some too. Moreover, if you are game, you can try your hand at cow grazing and milking as well...

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  • Tea Estate Visit

    A visit to the tea garden as well as tea factory can be quite refreshing and informative. You can pluck a few tealeaves yourselves and in the factory, discover how it gets converted to various kinds of tea. Take a stroll in the cardamom estate and soak in the wonderful aroma of the spice. You can carry some fresh stock of cardamom, tea and other spices on your way back home – a befitting souvenir from the land of spices.

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  • Village Visit

    The health of our patrins are of vital importance to us so we try to source most of our kitchen needs from our organic garden which gives a wide varieties of vegetables, fruits and other dietary staples like rice. Our in-house fish farms also provide nutritious fresh fish to our guests that will be prepared according to the tastes of our guests by our experienced kitchen staff. The resort also produces honey from our very own beehives and the virgin un processed honey is often bought by our guests as this 100% pure with absolitely no preservatives. Bamboo Dale also has an small capacity organic dairy farm capable of supplying wholesome milk for our guests.

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  • Sunset Walk

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At Bamboo Dale, nature is at its pristine best. You can enjoy your stay to the fullest, thanks to the privacy and comfort offered by us. You can choose any (or all) of activities like trekking, bird watching...

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